Friday, August 26, 2011

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Friday, February 11, 2011

TV and Such

I was so happy that Million Dollar Listing came back for another season on Bravo, but, no MDL without Chad? That is barely a show? I love to HATE him and his hairspray! The new guy just isn’t the same.

Intervention this week featured another (that makes 2!) new interventionist named Rod. He was sort of scary, and really takes a “tough love” approach to the intervention. At one point, he had the family just get in their cars and literally leave, and then he left. It worked, though!

Heavy on A & E just really leads me to believe that all obese people must live in Texas (everything’s bigger, right?!) because I figured out that this show is solely based out of Dallas. One thing bothers me, though, about how they are treating these patients. Not the show, but so far in only like 3 episodes, 2 people have lost weight and immediately decided (and been approved for) excess skin removal surgery! Now, I just don’t think that is a good thing to have the surgery while they are STILL continuing to lose weight, right? Why not wait to get it ALL removed at the end of your weight loss journey?

A friend and I figured out that we share a mutual love for many shows, so we have deicded a weekly view party of Gossip Girl and 90210. Our last weeks were spent chatting via GCHAT because of snow storms, so this week we finally got together for an in house viewing together. Good thing, too, because Teddy FINALLY came out of the closet on 90, the girl surfer is now addicted to marijuana, Naomi got scammed (you could see that coming from a mile away), and on Gossip Girl S proves to be (once again) the reason why any and all drama happens surrounding her family. And lastly, AJ informed me that he would divorce me if I ever cut my hair like Silvers. Done. Information overload.

My Life as Liz is back too! Definitely not as good with Liz being in New York, though. She is still totally lovable though. I love her fake red hair though! One day…

Oh, Teen Moms… where do I even begin? Janelle’s homeless boyfriend? Yuck. And now Janelle is out on the streets too because she opted to sleep on the floor of her friends gross apartment instead of waking up to take care of her son. I do think her mother is really annoying, and actually I think her mom has let the TV stuff go to her head a little bit too much (just by the way she is acting all dramatic about everything), but Janelle is a dead beat mom. She is right about that. And the curly headed girl just will never be happy. She resents her husband for leaving her at home all day with the twins, and that just wont end well. I cant believe Aubree’s (is that her name?) boyfriend moving back in and expecting to not pay a dime. But the dad totally didn’t stand his ground! I would have kicked them BOTH out of the house!

The Middle
really is a hilarious show. I sort of feel lame for watching it, but it is funny stuff (and it comes on right before Modern Family so just set your DVR 30 minutes earlier!).

Despite the fact that I watched all of that this week, it was a super busy week. So I forced myself to stay up later every night (only TV can persuade me to stay up any later than I want to!). And tomorrow is the hubs birthday! I don’t think he realizes that the Justin Bieber movie is on my agenda for his birthday plans…

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Again

It has been almost a week since I blogged last, so here is a quick recap of last week:
Intervention: cant remember. But I watched, and they went to rehab. I do remember that.
Kourtney and Kim take NYC- To love Scott, or not to love Scott? I still do not love Scott, but I do think it was nice of him to stand up for Kim, even though he dresses like a douche.
Pretty Little Liars - teacher with the student who doesnt even look 14? Gross and weird.
90210 - Geez, everyone gang up on Adriana in the sweat lounge while Naomi sits provocatively (and looks awkward).
Gossip Girl - Ben is totally obsessed with Serena's family. But why? He just needs to leave! And B and Lonely Boy? It is growing on me...
Biggest Loser - So glad the other twin with the mustache went home. Neither of them wanted to be there in the first place. I was glad to see that they did continue to lose weight at home.
Heavy - loving the trainer. I told AJ that the boy trainer looked like a transformer from the back. Seriously, he has major muscles.
Teen Mom 2 - I cant even describe how I feel towards Janelle and her skanky hickeys (seriously, hickeys?). Aubrey getting back with her boyfriend (who is totally just wanting to free-load off of her and her dad). Remember Aubrey, this was the same guy who called your daughter a mistake and called you a fat, stretch-mark, B. You can do better.
One Born Every Minute (new show on Lifetime) - The show basically just follows a few ladies who are about to and then give birth in a busy hospital. Lesson learned: my birth plan (IF I ever have the chance to make one!) is this - Get the baby out of me (preferably by Csection) as soon as possible and with as many drugs as possible.
Community - not liking the whole D and D episode.
Outsourced - although this was probably one of the most funny episodes, I really just want this show to go away. AJ insists we keep watching in case it gets funnier. I doubt.
The Office - Holly and Michael on the roof. That is all.
30 Rock - Kenneth's face when Cable Town Exec suggested that Jack hug Kenneth-- priceless.

Baby shower, engagement party, and The Fighter made for a busy weekend. The Fighter (one of the two R rated movies we will watch this year; ask me why only 2 and I will tell you our awesome agreement) was well worth it. GO SEE IT. Seriously, you will thank me later.

And now for another week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Bring It (and not in a good way)

“This is a serious situation and we need the public’s cooperation to keep South Dakotans, emergency workers, and travelers safe for the next 24 hours,” Gov. Mike Rounds said in a midday statement. “Right now the severe weather is making our response and recovery efforts very difficult. As the weather clears, we’ll have more resources ready to clear the roads and help with the power concerns.”
Winds up to 66 miles per hour were blowing snow around.

Now, it should come to no surprise that this storm was hitting South Dakota in a huge way. The problem? This was in May. Not November, not December, or January, or February… MAY. 2008, I believe. Our last summer in South Dakota. And it snowed in May. Awesome.

Moving on to our next state, Delaware. The one winter we lived there (last year) they coined the phrase 'Snowmageddon' referring to what President Obama said was the biggest snowstorm in nearly 90 years and was the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th significant winter storm for some parts of the Mid Atlantic states this winter season.
Delaware set the all-time record for the heaviest snowfall in the state's history with 26.5 inches of snowfall in Wilmington. More awesomeness for us.

Then we arrive to this winter. New state (again). And what do the headlines read today?

Boston Local News Update: Snowpocalypse 2011
Since Dec. 1, Boston has received 60.3 inches of snow, which is 40.2 inches above normal, according to the weather service.

Conclusion? If you want good weather, you’d better pray we don’t move to your state! Bad weather follows us. On vacations, on work days, on weekends, wherever. Doesn’t matter. We bring it. Your welcome, Boston. XOXO

Monday, January 31, 2011

How About....Cupcakes!?

My favorite video from an episode of America's Funniest Videos on Sunday night (one of my all time favorite shows):
The last time she does it is the best. So cute!


Yousef | Myspace Video

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Again

I havent posted all week. Not really sure why. I watched a lot (naturally) but remember nothing (naturally), except the fact that I am SO loving that Rob Lowe is a season regular now on Parks and Rec! AND Community has been more funny since coming back after the break...

I also was gifted ANOTHER snow day! I am really hoping for another one this week--is that asking for too much now? Seriously, snow days mid-week really make me a happier person.

Anyone seen The Rite yet? I dont think I am going to be able to keep myself from going much longer!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bears or Packers? Bears.
Steelers or Jets? Jets.
This is what we are doing tonight.

I finally watched the movie Catfish this weekend. You probably dont remember the preview (it came out mid-2010) but I totally wanted to see it because the preview made it look like a scary thriller movie. Then, I heard from a few different people that it was NOT a scary movie at all. I was intrigued still, but never went to see it--and it sort of fell of my radar. I never wikipedia'd the ending either (which I do all of the time for movies that I want to see even before I see them so I know what happens before I go in). I had read an article that said no matter what if you ever thought you might see the movie to NOT read what happens. So I didnt. I am SO glad I didnt read about it before we watched!! It was a good surprise of a movie that keeps you interested. Spoiler (sort of): it is a documentary. A REAL reality show. Worth watching. It is on demand, but you have to find it under movie genres, indie films, or something like that.

I watched the entire episode of I Used to Be Fat with the Mormon girl. Her Dad was sort of a jerk, right? I mean, he was so superficial and told his daughter that boys are attracted to a nice body and that she needed to lose weight if she ever expected to get married. But, um, Dad...she is only 18! She literally had graduated high school a week before the show! Give her some time! At least until 20, the prime age for marriage (wink, wink--that is how old I was when I got married!).

In addition to shows about obese people, I love prison shows (that shouldnt be surprising to you) so naturally I am loving the Beyond Scared Straight show. So far, my favorite piece of wisdom bestowed on the kids by prisoners is this:
"The Golden Rule of Prison: You didnt see what you saw, and you didnt hear what you heard."
This week there was a 13 year old kid--he was seriously so little--who cried when the prisoners yelled at him. He was so sad!

A few weeks ago we went to Chick Fil A at the mall a few miles outside of town (so worth it that we have to go at least once a month). This mall is particularly BUSY--like NO SPOTS available in the several parking lots. We stalked some people who were leaving, and patiently waited for them to get in their car and pull out. We are getting ready to pull in as soon as they are out, until a lady in a light blue lexus SUV (you know who you are) zoomed in to the spot we had been waiting for (and she CLEARLY had seen us waiting there and had made eye contact with us while we were waiting). We were like "no way, lady!" We pulled up behind her, and said, "Um,.. we know you saw us waiting there for this spot. We had been waiting for like 5 minutes." She plays dumb and says that she has a hair appointment and has to go inside. I say "Yeah, you probably should get something done about that hair!" and we find another spot. We then walk over to her salty, dusty car and write in the back windshield: " I steal things." It felt good.
***Some facts in this story may or may not be true. Decide for yourself. I will never tell.